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REL 110: Quaker History: Background Information

Suggested resources and tips for students enrolled in an introductory Quaker History course.

Finding Resources

The Friends Historical Collection comprehensively collections publications by and about Quakers (Friends) worldwide.  Many of these publications are available whenever the library is open.

• Quaker Stacks (Library 117) has books available for browsing and many can be checked out with a Guilford Quaker card.

• Quaker Periodicals (Library 120) is where most Quaker magazines and journals are kept.  See LINK for location details.

Suggested Readings (Books)

Key General Works:
(include useful bibliographies which will guide you to additional sources on specific topics)

Historical dictionary of the Friends (Quakers), edited by Margery Post Abbott, et. al. (Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2003). [Quaker BX7611 .A23 2003]

An introduction to Quakerism, by Pink Dandelion (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007).  [Quaker BX7732 .D27 2007]
See also:  The Quakers : a very short introduction, by Pink Dandelion (New  York: Oxford University Press, 2008).  [Quaker BX7731.3 .D27 2008]

The Quakers in America, by Thomas D. Hamm (New York: Columbia University Press, 2003).  [Quaker BX7635 .H26 2003]

Pendle Hill Pamphlets (Wallingford, PA)  [Quaker BX 7601]
Pendle Hill pamphlets offer brief essays on a variety of topics relating to Quaker history, thought, practice, and belief.  They include such issues as education, social action, pacifism, women's rights, race relations, fine arts, and theology.  In addition to the full bound set, individual pamplets are shelved with their specific subject area and available for check out.

Suggested Readings (Journals and Magazines)

See LINK for a full list of Quaker magazines and journals.  Most are not available full-text online and very few are included in databases you use to find articles for your other classes.  Browse the shelves in Library 120 to find other publications of interest.  There are publications from many different countries and prespectives with specific focus topics.

Quaker History (1962 - present and earlier published as the Bulletin of the Friends Historical Association):  Biannual scholarly journal featuring articles and book reviews on Quaker history topics.

Quaker Studies (1996 - present):  Biannual interdisciplinary scholarly journal with articles on Quaker topics, including history, sociology, and theology, on an international level.  Also available online at via EBSCO Academic Search Premier.

Friends Journal (1955 - present and earlier published as Friends Intelligencer): Monthly magazine associated with the Friends General Conference branch of Quakerism and published in Philadelphia.

Quaker Life (1960 - present and earlier published as The American Friend):  Bi-monthly magazine published by Friends United Meeting in Richmond, Indiana.

The Friend (1843 - present): Weekly magazine published by Friends in Britain.



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